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Aplus Flash Technology was founded as a circuit IP, design and fabless manufacturing company specializing in the non-volatile memory and embedded segments. Our mission is to provide superior technology, simpler process, and reduced manufacturing costs for the NVM market with our IP portfolio and high-quality design services. Aplus has filed over 60 U.S. patents (39 granted, 22 pending) that showcase our emerging technology and breakthroughs in the embedded NVM IP market.

Our clients span the global market and include companies such as UMC, Mosel-Vitelic, Winbond, Syntek, Elan, Sharp, Sonix, Synaptics, and more.

Our Products

Aplus offers a complete selection of embedded NVM IP, as well as SRAM. These IPs include ROM, OTP, EEPROM, NTP, and Flash, which are offered in a variety of working voltages, memory densities, and process technologies, and are silicon proven at multiple foundries for your capacity and flexibility.

Aplus also offers stand-alone memory products such as ROM, OTP, EEPROM, NTP, and Flash (under development).

Aplus is poised to become a leader in the combination NVM market with a unified technology for high-density Flash & EEPROM that allows for concurrent read/write operation. Aplus' patented Flash is the premier hardware solution for Flash+EEPROM combo chips and uses a unified, standard Flash technology. This is an ideal solution for cellular and smart card applications that require small, high-performance chips.

Our Services

Aplus serves as a one-stop NVM shop of design, testing, production, and wafer foundry support and turnkey solutions for our customers. We can secure your IP protection and can lead the design and manufacturing process every step of the way - from working with you to define your embedded spec to performing design and layout. We also provide testing and production flow, and can connect you to our multiple foundry sources for cost savings as well as manufacturing capacity and flexibility. What does this mean for our customers? A lower total cost of ownership, and timely developed products that are smaller, faster, and more powerful.

Working at Aplus

Aplus Flash Technology is located in Silicon Valley:

1982A Zanker Road
San Jose, CA 95112
Tel: (408) 200-9432
Fax: (408) 200-9438

At Aplus, we pride ourselves on hard work and innovative solutions and understand that our success derives from a great team. We offer great salary and benefits packages including:


Flash Design Director / Manager

The individual will be responsible for leading a team in developing the next generation Flash memory circuits for hybrid code and data storages. The candidate will be involved in the 0.18um - 30nm designs of the varied standard and embedded flash, which are based on a revolutionary, highly-scalable, next-generation patented flash architecture.

This position requires a MS/PhD degree and a minimum of 10 years in flash product design experience. In-depth hands-on experience of NAND and NOR flash memory is a plus. The individual must also demonstrate the strong professional skills in both digital and analog flash circuit design and sound understanding of NAND and NOR device physics and processing. In addition, the candidate should be fully experienced in flash circuit simulations and innovations, layout optimizations, and quick silicon debugging.

Flash Test Manager / Senior Engineer

The individual will be responsible for designing, developing, and implementing test programs and methods of characterization based on the given specs. The individual will prepare test and diagnostic programs, design test fixtures and equipment, and set up specifications and procedures for new products.

This position requires a BS/MS degree or equivalent in EE and a minimum of 7 years directed NAND Flash SLC/MLC production experience and must have in-depth hands-on experience with ADVANTEST memory tester.

Both above ideal candidates must have proven ability and records to achieve the defined objectives in a fast moving, dynamic, stressful, and competitive environment. The individual should be self-motivated, self-directed, and must have demonstrated ability to work well with people. The individual should have the ability to troubleshoot and analyze complex problems for different technology nodes and foundries, multi-task, meet deadlines, have excellent communication (written and verbal), and interpersonal skills.

We offer a highly competitive compensation package and great benefits, which include Stock Options, 401K and comprehensive insurance. We are an equal opportunity employer, and a fabless flash design house with our HQ in San Jose and branches in Asia.

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At Aplus we always welcome your questions and comments. Please see below for the right contact for your needs and we will respond as quickly as possible. Thank you for your time and we hope to hear from you!


Aplus Flash Technology
1982A Zanker Road
San Jose, CA 95112
Tel: (408) 200-9432
Fax: (408) 200-9438
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